St. Andrew’s

The earliest Christians were known as the “People of the Way” – no building, no pews, no organ – just men and women establishing communities built on inclusivity and generosity. (Don’t you love this pic of us moving out the pews???!!!)

Lynne's cameral July 2010 001

At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Picton we have thought long and hard about how to build a community around this ancient vision. With every step along the way we have had to wrestle with big questions around what it means to be Spirit-led in the twenty-first century.

What became clear was that returning to the foundation established by Jesus demanded that we call into question everything we do.

The Way of Jesus has challenged us to change the way we think about ‘doing church’ and it has been an exciting adventure.  Join us as we travel with curiosity, creativity and courage.

For a thought-provoking analysis of where the church finds itself in this century check out this perspective by American theologian Phyllis Tickle: