Labyrinth on the Green

The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool for meditation. We have chosen a 7 circuit Classic design amended to look like the Celtic Chalice design.

The actual entrance is at the south end of the labyrinth but it can be accessed from the north end by entering the path that is constructed around the labyrinth.

You may park on King Street OR in the church parking lot which is entered off Bowery Street.

For further information, call Rev. Lynne at 613-476-1167

Carole Ann Camp, co-author of Labyrinths From the Outside In: Walking to Spiritual Insight, A Beginner’s Guide, expands the process to seven steps:
1. Preparation
2. Invocation
3. Going in
4. Staying in the center
5. Returning to the world
6. Thanksgiving
7. Reflection