Janine Kinch

Janine Kinch

Artist, Janine Kinch was born on the French island of Guadeloupe (in the French West Indies) where colours, scents and sounds sharpened her awareness and awakened in her a sense of wonder at the natural world that informed her early work.

She emigrated to Canada a when she was twenty three. After raising a family, she attended the College of Art and Design in Toronto to complete her art training. It is there that she first discovered the mystery of the inner world and  how images could emerge without conscious control.

After art college she delved deeper into  the world of myth and symbols, and her passion for the imagination as the language of the soul was ignited.

Although she taught art and gave workshops for several art groups across Ontario, she felt called to using the arts as a spiritual path. And after training in both Expressive Arts and Process Facilitation, she became involved at the Centre for Creative Ministries in Toronto, later renamed Centre for Leadership and Peace.

The mission of the Centre, founded by psychologists Marcella Hannon Shields PhD and Eldon Shields, revolved around the “Compassionate Leadership Program,” designed to help people find their gifts and return them to the community.  It became a place of resonance for people committed to the inner journey. It was where she discovered that her ministry or calling was to share her lived wisdom with others with compassion. It was there also that she truly began to deepen her quest for meaning both in her art and in her life.

Janine moved to The County in 2005 and soon afterward brought the Milkweed program “Exploring Creativity in Depth” — a program based on imagination and the expressive arts — to the County’s primary schools.

Having recently been trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator, she currently offers workshops in her studio, framed in the context of community building.