Thomas Eric Dietzel

September 2016 to September 2017

A graduate of the University of Regina’s Bachelour of Music Piano Performance program, while enrolled there Tom produced a series of baroque chamber music concerts featuring the Regina Symphony Orchestra and university musicians. He also arranged music for the U. of R. Jazz Band that was performed during a trip to the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Tom has held a variety of roles in the production of over 15 musicals: as music director, conductor, orchestral and rehearsal keyboardist. He has also been a pianist for ballet and modern dance classes, and from 1990-2002 was music director with the Quinte Ballet School of Canada.

Tom has performed as a church pianist, organist, choir director, and composer. He has created settings of gospel stories for a church youth theatre group and he has recorded a CD of some of his compositions.

Over his career Tom has teamed up with musicians playing in diverse styles from swing era jazz, to rock, to country; he was keyboardist with the Regina Symphony Orchestra and presently is keyboardist and percussionist with the Quinte Symphony Orchestra.

As an instructor Tom has taught at the Quinte Ballet School, St. Lawrence College, and in private lessons encouraging creativity, balanced overall musicianship, ear training, improvisation, and composition.