Our Circle of Musicians

At St. Andrew’s we love music! We believe that it encourages us, heals us, and connects us to one another and to the Mystery we call God. We have a large circle of musical friends who provide different kinds of music based on the occasion or on the mood that we wish to create.

There’s Tom and Conrad whom we first met playing at the Waring House Pub. Then in walked jazz singer Tabby Johnson. Tom Dietzel provides us with great variety on the organ and the piano, while Mark Despault sings to us of the natural parks and woodlands of Canada. Lynette Pettit loves those sixties classics and the Seventh Town Celtic band showed up with Irish favourites for St. Patrick’s Day (and they brought dancers as well).

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Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping


Lynette Pettit directs the seasonal choir.


Folk Trio Seventh Town show up when we need some Irish fare OR some Scottish fare OR a PARTY!!!