Lynne Donovan grew up in Western Canada in a clergy household where her understanding of the gospel vision included hospitality, inclusivity, justice, and political participation.

After finishing high school, she completed a B.A. Honours in Political Science because of her passion for participating in the facilitation of the common good.

Lynne graduated at the top of her class in the Bachelor of Theology program at McGill University.

She received her Masters in Divinity from Presbyterian College and was awarded the Calvin Gold Medal—an award given periodically by the College to exceptional students from the graduating class.

She also completed a M.A. in Christian Education from the Presbyterian School for Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia.

Lynne served as the minister in Chateauguay, Quebec  for 12 years before running an apple orchard with her former husband, Phil Norton, for 4. While serving the Maplewood congregation she, along with Phil, created alternative worship material for the national church incorporating Phil’s vast collection of photographs. For many years she participated in a progressive ecumenical study group that involved rethinking the Christian tradition for the twenty-first century. She also served as a preaching tutor at The Presbyterian College.

While in Montreal, Lynne convened the Future Directions Committee whose task it was to consider alternative models that might sustain future ministry within a Quebecois context.

Before arriving in Picton, Lynne was a member of team ministry at Knox Crescent Kensington & First Presbyterian where she was responsible for helping the congregation create a vision for its future that would reconnect it to the wider community.

During a hiatus from ministry, she founded Vision Community Newspaper out of the local high school whose mission statement was as follows: “Dedicated to creating understanding among the generations, building bridges in the community, and instilling pride in local achievements.”

Lynne’s experience in Montreal convinced her that with a vision based on curiosity, creativity, and courage there could be a future for the Christian tradition if congregations are prepared to put everything on the table and start almost from the beginning.

Since Lynne arrived in Picton the congregation at St. Andrew’s has launched “A quest to understand and to practise the transformational love of Jesus.”

Lynne has been responsible for making the congregation, and its building, accessible to the entire community. Two of her signature contributions have been the creation of a Ten Thousand Villages store on Main St. in Picton and the highly respected, after-school program Reaching for Rainbows.

She enjoys music, movies, friendships, kitchen parties, global travel, exercising, and watching her two sons become intriguing young men.

Lynne continues to be committed to the following values which are crucial to the creation of healthy communities:

  • Hospitality
  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Healing
  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity
  • Teamwork
  • Celebration