St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Picton is a Circle of Friends from diverse place drawn together by our quest to understand and to practice the radical love of Jesus.

This journey demands that we become curious, creative, and courageous.

With curiosity, we explore the lifestyle of Jesus and his friends that contributed to growing healthier communities and we appreciate other faith traditions that do the same.

With creativity, we shape our worship to include provocative preaching, healing contemplation, and great music that represents many genres such as Celtic, folk, jazz, classical, and gospel.


Minister: The Rev. Lynne Donovan

With courage, we pursue a vision for justice that compels us to partner with others to establish projects such as Reaching for Rainbows, an after-school program to empower girls.

Those who participate in our Circle of Friends come from a variety of faith traditions and share a commitment to caring for one another and the community in which we live. Together we face the challenges of our era in the spirit of openness and compassion.

St. Andrew’s is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  As Presbyterians we belong to the Reformed tradition.  In the spirit of the Reformers, we have transformed our building, our music, the way we relate to the larger community, and the way that we relate to creation.

In an age of profound cultural transition, religion itself appears to be going through its own rite of passage. For some it is a time of crisis, for others a period of vibrant change. I see religion moving toward a diminishing of  dogma, authority, membership and belief, and an increase in everyday ritual, poetic theology, social engagement, guidance in contemplation, and care of the soul.

Meditation, 1994 by Thomas Moore