Jesus and his friends struggled to live God’s vision for an alternative human community.

       Therefore, we will commit ourselves to living this vision and will challenge all that opposes it.

Worship invites us to enter the Mystery we call God, and each facet mediates this experience.

       Therefore, we will enhance every aspect of worship, especially preaching, music, and contemplation.

Faith is attentive to the Spirit’s movement in the complexities of daily life.

       Therefore, we will provide opportunities a for inquiry, spiritual development, and meditation.

Scripture reveals how our ancestors wrestled with God’s intention for their time and place.

       Therefore, we will approach Scripture with curiosity as we seek God’s intention for our time.

Justice is at the heart of Jesus’ vision.

       Therefore, we will seek to heal our planet and provide a fair deal for all living creatures.

Leadership discerns the mind of the Spirit and faithfully responds.

       Therefore, we will be courageous when having to make hard decisions.

Teamwork enriches creativity and productivity.

       Therefore, we will engage all the gifts that support our vision and seek partnerships

       with those who share our values and goals.

Compassion is at the centre of friendship.

       Therefore, we will care for one another at every stage of life.

Diversity is God’s gift to human community.

       Therefore, we will respect and engage the differences that exist among us.

Celebration is our response to God’s generosity.

       Therefore, we will eat, drink, and have fun together.